About us

Our Story

From Cow to Wow!

It all began with a Moo!

They have names like Anna, Berta and Mizzi and they live happily in the Land of a Thousand Hills”. They are the most important members of our team and we consider them part of the family. Thanks to them we started making ice cream in the first place! They provide us with our „secret“ ingredient: fresh and delicious organic milk! We – Andrea and Georg Blochberger – run an organic dairy farm with about 50 cows in Krumbach, which is in Lower Austria.

We used to sell milk and yogurt from our farm creamery to local schools and restaurants. One summer – when schools were closed and we had less customers – we started experimenting with ice cream. Soon it became our passion and today, nothing seems more logic than holding on to that fine organic milk and turning it into an extraordinary product – while at the same time committing to our ideas of quality, sustainability and creativity.

Cup or Cone?

Rural Pleasures in Urban Environments

When we opened our first ice cream store in 2011 – right in the heart of the capital Vienna – we couldn’t believe it when people started to line up outside. Their reactions were really encouraging and we realised that it was more than just ice cream that made them come back… It seemed to us that they were grateful to find a piece of serenity amidst the busy city. We often heard people say “it tastes like ice cream used to taste” – with a sense of nostalgia and a wish to find a way back to the roots. That’s also why,  five years later and with stores all over Austria, we would build a new manufacture that was open to the public, so people could see with their own eyes where our ice cream was made.