Visit our farm

Are you ready for a glimpse behind the scenes?
Inside our little “classroom“, we will take you on a (virtual) journey to find the best ingredients for our ice cream! Watching us collect fresh and delicious produce can be quite mouth-watering… This is why you get some samples to taste and smell the wonderful things that will eventually end up in your cup or cone. Through a window you will also be able to take a glimpse at our actual manufacturing process.

From Cow to Wow

We also want you to meet „our girls“ – our four-legged staff members. Without them, we never would have started making ice cream. You’ll find out how it all began on our farm in a rural area of Austria and how we ended up selling ice cream in the capital, Vienna (and since then, many more cities).

Feel free to stay as long as you like after you take a tour! They include a ticket to our adventure park as well as three scoops of ice cream.

Our regular tours (in German) are at 11 am and 3 pm.  For tours in English, please email us at and we’ll arrange something.