Vienna (1010)


The Smart Amongst Ice Cream Stores


Rotenturmstraße 14

Vienna, 1010

Opening Hours

daily from 11:00-22:00

Our tiny ice cream store in the heart of Vienna has been attracting ice cream lovers from all over the world since 2011. It’s only a few steps away from Saint Stephen’s Cathedral and is known for the long line of customers waiting patiently for their ice cream.

We have to admit – our flagship store really couldn’t be any smaller than its 18 square meters… But that’s also how we came up with the name for our business: Greissler translates as corner store with a small but exquisite assortment. The store may be small in size – but our ice cream is great in quality and taste.

From March to December, we offer a selection of 18 flavours, some of which change seasonally so there’s always something new to try. Our ice cream makes for a great companion on a stroll through city center!

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