Eis-Zeitreise -
Adventure tour
through the
ice cream history

Experience ice cream history with all your senses


And indeed with all your senses! Feel yourself be transported back millennia to the Krumbach Ice Age. Ride the lift up to our cowshed, take off in the Flying Theater and fly through our ice cream production and enjoy the latest ice cream varieties in our experimental lab.

Join us for an ice cream adventure for the whole family!

Duration of about 1 hour
from 4 years & 100cm height
for the whole family
even in bad weather
incl. free ice cream
since 2021
Austria's largest curved screen

    Station 1:
    Eis-Greissler Express

    All aboard – ice train leaves!

    The exciting journey through the Krumbach Ice Age begins with a train ride. We have recreated an old railway station in our manufactory, where the Eis-Greissler Express awaits passengers. Find a seat in the train compartment and off you go. Our conductor – you may know him as Rudi Roubinek – accompanies you on the journey through the long history of ice cream. You’ll learn how it came about that we humans like ice cream so much, and how ice cream was made in the past. After the train ride, we’ll also tell you how we make the ice cream we’re so proud of in Krumbach from our own milk, fresh fruit and fine spices.

    Station 2:

    Ice on three floors

    After the ride in the Eis-Greissler Express, the guests enter a lift; it takes them through three levels of the ice-cream manufactory: on the first floor is our cowshed. Here Eis-Greissler owner Georg Blochberger is waiting and tells the time travellers everything about his favourite ruminant. On the second floor is the ice cream production, where Andrea Blochberger explains what you have to pay attention to when making ice cream. On the third and top floor is our flight hall; from there the journey continues.

    Station 3:
    Flying Theatre

    A tour of the ice production

    The next stop on the Eis-Zeitreise is our Flying Theatre, a unique multi-dimensional cinema. On the giant screen, you experience ice-making from the perspective of a bee – as soon as you are strapped in, the film starts and your seat plays along. You fly through colourful orchards, over lush meadows and get a close-up view of the ice-making process. One special effect or another makes you feel as if you are actually whizzing through the countryside, with the wind blowing around your ears. And is that really the smell of apples wafting through the room when you are flying over a field full of ripe apple trees in the film? Take a seat and find out!

    Station 4:
    Test kitchen

    Welcome to our test kitchen!

    After the flight in the Flying Theatre, the adventure continues: you land in our test kitchen. Here we try out new varieties and tell you what inspires us and how we come up with all our crazy ideas. Discover the spices and ingredients on the shelves that make our ice cream so special. You can also try some of our most unusual ice cream flavours that are not yet available. Do you dare to try the unusual flavours?

    In our test kitchen you will get three ice cream samples of flavours that are not yet available in our ice cream showcases.

    Get in!

    An adventure ride through ice cream history awaits you - with the express train, flying theatre and ice cream varieties that no one has ever heard of before.