Become an Eis-Greissler Gastro Partner

The Eis-Greissler ice cream also in your restaurant!
In the meantime, our ice cream has become an important, well-known brand: it is not only used by us, but also in top hotels and gourmet kitchens. Would you also like to sell ice cream from Eis-Greissler or use it for dessert creations? Then become our gastronomy partner.
for your guests...

Your Benefits as a Gastro-Partner

large variety

We have everything from Zotter chocolate to semolina pancakes. There are also changing varieties to suit each season.

small territorial protection

We check every new request to see if there is already a Gastro-Partner or an Eis-Greissler shop in the vicinity. So you are the only one in the area who sells Eis-Greissler ice cream.

strong recognition value

Guests know and love Eis-Greissler ice cream and recognise the logo from afar.

Online shop for partners

You can order easily via mobile phone or tablet and don’t have to bother with emails.

One delivery day per week guaranteed

We have a fixed order and delivery rhythm; the minimum order value is only 400 euros per delivery.

Year-round delivery

You can also get our ice cream in winter to spoil your guests.

Ice-Greissler conditions for technical equipment

You get the technical equipment from our suppliers at special conditions.

Delivery of dry assortment

You can also buy stanitzels, sundaes, spoons and more from us.

Become a Gastro Partner