Eis-Greissler then & now

Today, it is quite normal for us to use our cows’ milk for delicious ice cream. Making ice cream has become our favourite activity, and we are constantly developing new ice cream varieties: we have already come up with over 100 different ones – preferably with regional ingredients. But we also started out small.

Our history


Andrea and Georg Blochberger run a dairy farm in Krumbach. About 50 cows live here – the milk goes to schools, kindergartens and restaurants in the area. Yoghurt and cream made from their milk are also in great demand. Only in summer, when the children are not at school, is less milk sold. This gives Andrea and Georg the idea of making ice cream from it.


The Eis-Greissler no longer operates only in the Bucklige Welt: The first branch on Rotenturmstraße in Vienna opens.

Andrea & Georg Blochberger bei der Eröffnung unseres Grazer Shops

The first shop also opens in Graz – and there’s a new variety to go with it: pumpkin seed oil.


Eis-Greissler goes Carinthia: The shop in Klagenfurt opens.


Two new shops are opening this year: one in Wiener Neustadt and one on Mariahilfer Straße. On the latter sits a cow looking down on its guests – the Blochberger family and their employees knitted it themselves.


The ice cream factory in Krumbach is ceremoniously opened. In addition to production, there is a coffee house, a farm shop, the office and a small natural playground for sliding and swinging.


A shop is also opening in Linz. This inspires our ice cream factory to make Linzertorte ice cream.


A new shop on Neubaugasse opens with an exclusive Viennese ice cream variety: Sachertorte.

A shop also opens in Salzburg. The Salzburg Nougat Dream variety is created for the first time to go with it. Today it’s even available in vegan.


The first Café Eis-Greissler opens in the PADO Shopping Center in Parndorf. There you will not only find ice cream, but also coffee, cake and small snacks.


The small shop on Schottengasse in Vienna opens. Apple-rhubarb ice cream is available here for the first time.


For the 10th anniversary, Rudi Roubinek becomes part of the Eis-Greissler team and makes time travel possible: With him, the ice time travel with virtual experience tour opens in Krumbach.


The Eis-Greissler is now also at home in East Tyrol: the shop in Lienz opens.


The nature playground at the ice cream factory has become a whole adventure park – and it is constantly being expanded. Today, it goes without saying that we use the milk from our cows to produce delicious, high-quality ice cream.