Eis-Zeitreise -
Adventure tour
through the
ice cream history

Our virtual tour through the history of ice cream and our ice cream production.

The Eis-Zeitreise is the new guided tour at Eis-Greissler in Krumbach. Experience a unique experience in 3 stations: Take a journey back in time in the Eis-Greissler Express and feel transported back millennia to the Krumbach Ice Age, fly virtually through our ice cream production in the spectacular Flying Theatre and enjoy the latest ice cream varieties in our experimental laboratory. The conductor is none other than Rudi Roubinek, who will welcome you and take you on an exciting journey through the history of ice cream.

The Eis-Zeitreise is only available in German language!

Duration of about 1 hour
from 4 years & 100cm height
for the whole family
even in bad weather
incl. 3 ice cream tastings
since 2021
max. 30 people per tour
Austria's largest curved screen
Dogs not allowed

    3 stations of the Eis-Zeitreise

    Station 1:
    Eis-Greissler Express

    All aboard – ice train departs!

    The exciting journey through the Krumbach Ice Age begins with a train ride. In the Eis-Zeitreise, we have recreated an old railway station, where the Eis-Greissler Express – an old train carriage – is waiting for its passengers. Take a seat in the Eis-Greissler Express and the adventurous journey begins. Our conductor – you may know him as Rudi Roubinek – accompanies you on this special journey through time from ancient Rome to the Krumbach of the 21st century. You will learn how ice cream was made in the past and how people came up with the idea of eating ice cream. If you look closely, you might even recognise the guest appearances of the Blochberger family. In the end, you will arrive safely at Krumbach station. You will see that the history of ice cream is anything but boring. On the Eis-Greissler Express you will experience it directly and as a real adventure. History is fun and stays in your memory.

    Does the wagon really move?

    Yes, you can feel the movement of the train as it can move in different directions. By means of vibrating plates, you are also really shaken in your seat on the bumpy passages.

    Station 2:
    Flying Theater

    A tour of the ice cream production

    At our next stop, things get extraordinary, because this station is a very special highlight of the Eis-Zeitreise. In our Flying Theatre, a unique multi-dimensional cinema experience (similar to a 5D cinema), you are virtually shrunk to the size of a bee and experience ice cream production from the insect’s perspective – as soon as you are strapped in, the film starts and your seat plays along. As a bee, you fly over Krumbach, through colourful orchards and into the cowshed to the ice cream production.

    Is that the smell of fresh apples or the wind in your hair?

    Take a seat, fasten your seat belt and off you go on a ride in which the seat simply moves with you. In addition to the movement, various other special effects are used so that you can experience the ride with all your senses, e.g. wind, water, scent, light, fog or Austria’s largest curved screen. In the multidimensional experience cinema, the flight is made so realistic that you really think you are high in the air in nature. This makes the cinema experience a true adventure. Even if you are not passionate about ice production, the cinema experience is simply breathtaking. Many a sceptic might even become an ice fan. You simply have to experience it for yourself.

    Station 3:
    Test kitchen

    Welcome to our test kitchen!

    After the exciting flight in the Flying Theatre, you land at the last station of the Eis-Zeitreise: our test kitchen. This is where we go wild and try out new flavours. After all, we are known for our creative ice cream flavours from alpine caramel to goat cheese. The new flavours sometimes sound very extravagant. How about seaweed ice cream, for example? Taste sensation guaranteed! Who knows, if our visitors like it, some of the flavours will find their way into our regular ice cream display case. Besides, in the test kitchen we also talk out of the sewing box and explain how the ideas for the crazy flavours come about and why our ice cream tastes the way it does.

    Attention to detail on every shelf!

    On the many shelves in the test kitchen you will find the ingredients that make our ice cream so special. Local fruit, freshly harvested herbs, fine spices from SONNENTOR and crunchy nuts must not be missing, of course. The ingredients in the ice cream should taste just as fresh as when they were harvested. The favourite ingredient is, of course, the milk from our own cows, which graze in Krumbach.

    In our test kitchen, you can try three ice cream flavours that are not yet available in our ice cream display cases.

    Experience ice history with all your senses!

    And indeed with all the senses! From seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting to feeling, all the senses are stimulated and taken on an adventurous ride.


    From the historic train station look at the Eis-Greissler Express to the huge 180-degree curved screen in the Flying Theatre, the Eis-Zeitreise is a real feast for the eyes.


    The Dolby Surround Sound in the Flying Theatre provides deceptively real sound effects and lets you become part of the film.


    Smell the fresh apples as you virtually fly through the orchard in the Flying Theatre and let yourself be seduced by the scent of the fresh ingredients from the test kitchen.


    Try unusual ice cream creations in the test kitchen.


    From the rumbling of the Eis-Greissler Express to the moving seats in the Flying Theatre or the wind coming towards you, special effects make it feel real.

    Who is allowed to visit the Eis-Zeitreise?

    For safety reasons, according to the TÜV, certain groups of people are unfortunately not allowed to take part in the Eis-Zeitreise:

    • Children under 4 years of age and 100 cm tall (both points must be fulfilled)
    • People who cannot close the safety bar properly due to physical limitations
    • Persons who exceed the maximum weight of 136 kg
    • Persons with health restrictions or with heart, back, neck or epilepsy problems
    • Pregnant persons
    • Persons under the influence of alcohol

    Get in!

    An adventure ride through ice cream history awaits you - with the Eis-Greissler Express, Flying Theatre and ice cream varieties that no one has ever heard of before.