Our current ice cream varieties

From alpine caramel to goat cheese

Dark chocolate
  • shops

on oat & soy drink basis

Caramel whisky
  • shops

Our Father’s Day ice cream

White Chocolate Brownie
  • shops

with white chocolate from Zotter & home-baked brownie

Butter biscuit
  • shops

the ice-cream classic

  • shops

Home-picked elderflowers & homemade syrup, perfect in a hugo

  • shops

or also known as sour cherry

  • shops

well sieved with few seeds

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Kefir ice cream with blueberry swirl

Zotter chocolate
  • shops

with finest Zotter chocolate & best milk from our cows

  • shops

the ice cream classic

Grey poppy
  • shops

with Waldviertler grey poppy from the poppy farm Greßl

Pumpkin seed oil
  • shops

with Styrian pumpkin seed oil from the Vorauer

  • shops

an Austrian dessert with semolina and raspberry swirl.

  • shops

Tastes like a delicately frozen fresh strawberry

Goat cheese
  • shops

with goat cheese and whey from Mandl’s Ziegenhof from Lichtenegg

Caramel crumble
  • shops

with caramel biscuit pieces

Sulfites / Alcohol / Beer
seeds of nuts
Cow's milk / lactose
more protein content
low sugar

Ice cream starts with M for moo...

...or with M for milk from our own cows. We use it to make ice cream that tastes just like it's called - from hazelnut and Zotter chocolate to butter biscuit and goat cheese. Try it out!

Milk from our own cows

The milk we use to make our ice cream comes from our own cows, which graze right next to the production facility in Krumbach.

quality ingredients

Only the best ingredients from selected partner companies, such as SONNENTOR or Zotter, go into our ice cream.

artisan production

In our manufactory in the Buckligen Welt we make our own ice cream, which tastes just like it did back then (only better).

also to go

In all our shops you can take your favourite varieties home with you in 0.5L or 1L boxes.

seasonal fruits

Especially with our fruit ice cream varieties, we make sure that we use those fruits for our ice cream that are also in harvest season.

unusual creations

We experiment with creative flavours and unusual ingredients to bring you a unique ice cream experience.

natural ingredients

We do not use any artificial additives, flavourings or colourings in our ice cream.

changing ice cream bar

We change our ice cream bar almost weekly to bring variety to our ice cream display cases.

vegan ice creams

Our vegan ice cream varieties made from fruit or oat drink are in no way inferior to our milk varieties.

ice cream with reduced sugar

We do not use industrial sugar in our reduced-sugar varieties. The sweetness comes from natural fructose or sugar substitutes.

Ice cream with more protein

From time to time you will find ice cream with an increased protein content in our display cases, made from sunflower protein, for example.

It tastes like they say

Anyone who tries our ice cream for the first time is amazed by the natural taste. Our pear ice cream tastes like pear – only chilled – and the strawberry ice cream like a delicately frozen, fresh strawberry. We also like to experiment with creative flavours such as caramel, wild garlic, butter biscuit or pumpkin seed oil – until they taste so good that we are eager to share them with you.

Cow varieties,
fresh milk
& juicy fruits

The milk from which we make our ice cream doesn't have far to go. In fact, it is only a few metres across the farm, from the cowshed via the dairy to the production facility. There it is processed - freshly pasteurised - with local fruit, freshly harvested herbs, fine spices from SONNENTOR and crunchy nuts into the ice cream varieties that are waiting in our showcases.

Our favourite ingredient is, of course, milk from our own cows, but we still leave it out for some varieties. For our fruit ice cream, for example, we rely completely on the natural taste of strawberries, rhubarb, currants and many other fruits – depending on which ones are ripe at the time. That’s why many of our fruit sorbets are suitable for vegans (as are some cream varieties, of course). And we also have sugar-reduced varieties.

seasonal & fresh

Ice boxes to go

Thanks to our ice cream boxes, you can enjoy our ice cream in the comfort of your own home. The practical cool boxes with space for 0.5 or 1 litre of ice cream are available in all our shops, in the manufactory in Krumbach and in the café in Parndorf. For those who can’t wait until they get home, our ice cream is of course also available for immediate consumption in stanitzels or sundaes.