Kulinarik-Stadl -
our restaurant

Eis-Greissler Manufactory
Königsegg 25
2851 Krumbach

Opening hours:

Kitchen until 05:30pm

The pleasure highlight

Here we cook up for you!

If you are planning a trip to Krumbach, you don’t need to worry about food. In our Kulinarik-Stadl, we prepare fresh dishes for you every day: from the Bucklige Welt burger in a crispy brioche bun to a colourful salad with goat cheese from the organic farm Mandl, there is something for everyone. Vegetarian and vegan dishes are also on the menu – for example our creamy parmesan risotto or homemade spinach dumplings.

Regional and healthy

As with the ice cream, regional ingredients and healthy recipes are particularly important to us for the dishes on our menu. That’s why we work with local farmers and businesses wherever possible. This makes the dishes from our Stadl taste even better.

Enjoy heartily

Recharge your batteries with juicy burgers, fresh salads (and of course an ice cream sundae afterwards) in our Kulinarik-Stadl.