Ice cream catering

We bring you ice cream from Eis-Greissler for your personal event.

What would make a great event even better? That’s right, ice cream from Eis-Greissler. An ice cream showcase is the highlight of any party – whether it’s a company celebration, trade fair accompaniment, balls or large private parties.

When do we do ice cream catering?

from approx. 200 guests

With the minimum number of people, each person gets 1-2 balls.

Minimum quantity of 6x5 litres of ice

This way, the ice cream cabinet is full and you get about 300 scoops of ice cream.

Service radius

It is perfect if your event takes place within a radius of 70 km from Krumbach or in Vienna. If not, we have to charge a surcharge.

Supervision by at least one person

One person from our team in Krumbach will take care of set-up, dismantling and catering. Standing time between set-up and ice cream distribution must be charged extra.

only with booking of our staff

We do not rent out showcases.

Parking possibility

Our ice transporter with 3.5 tons needs space for parking and loading.

Kürbiskernöleis aus der Vitrine

Your benefits

no effort for you

We take care of set-up and dismantling and take our crap back with us.

Crowd puller at every event

Everyone loves Eis-Greissler ice cream.

free equipment

The stanitzel, sundae, spoon and co. are supplied free of charge.

large variety selection

Browse through the varieties below.

Output by experienced staff

We make beautiful ice cream scoops, and quickly.

Ice cream display case as an eye-catcher

The display case in the ice-cream-grater design is a visual eye-catcher.

Ice cream varieties for your catering

Only ice cream varieties from this list can be selected.

Dark chocolate
  • shops

on oat & soy drink basis

Mother’s day ice cream
  • shops

White Chocolate Rose Raspberry

White Chocolate Brownie
  • shops

with white chocolate from Zotter & home-baked brownie

Butter biscuit
  • shops

the ice-cream classic

Mint chocolate
  • shops

tastes like peppermint with chocolate chips (it is)

  • shops

Buttermilk ice cream meets strawberry sorbet

  • shops

or also known as sour cherry

  • shops

well sieved with few seeds

Zotter chocolate
  • shops

with finest Zotter chocolate & best milk from our cows

  • shops

the ice cream classic

Grey poppy
  • shops

with Waldviertler grey poppy from the poppy farm Greßl

Roasted almond
  • Catering
  • Gastro Partner

marbled with nuts and biscuits

Pumpkin seed oil
  • shops

with Styrian pumpkin seed oil from the Vorauer

  • shops

creamy, pure curd ice cream

  • shops

Tastes like a delicately frozen fresh strawberry

  • shops

With Cornflakes pieces and our own milk

Sulfites / Alcohol / Beer
seeds of nuts
Cow's milk / lactose
more protein content
low sugar