Eis-Greissler ice cream cups for home

For all those who not only want to lick the Eis-Greissler ice cream out of the cone immediately, but also want to enjoy it at home, there are now our new 0.5 litre ice cream cups.

The ice cream cups are sustainably produced from cardboard, easily resealable and perfectly suited for our delicious ice cream.


Our ice cream cups for at home are available in 7 different flavours:

🍓 Strawberry (vegan)
🍫 Zotter chocolate
🍒 Chocolate-cherry (vegan)
🥭 Mango (vegan)
🍪 Butter biscuit
🌼 Vanilla
🥛 Milk


📍 For the time being, you can only find the cups in the deep freeze display case in the Farm shop in Krumbach.

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