From cow to wow!

The ice cream from the Bucklige Welt

with fresh
milk and

from alpine caramel to goat cheese.

Ice cream starts with M for moo...

Welcome to Eis-Greissler, the ice cream maker from the Buckligen Welt! We don’t just offer classic ice cream like Zotter chocolate or strawberry, we also like to play around with flavours. Have you already tried our apple and beetroot ice cream?


Do you love ice cream? Then you’re like us. We make it from the milk of our own cows. And we always make sure it tastes just as it’s called. That’s why our strawberry ice cream always tastes like fresh strawberries. Our butter biscuit ice cream tastes like frozen butter biscuits. And our chocolate ice cream … but you’ve probably already understood the principle.

regional & fresh
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Long Night of Eis-Greissler
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Bucklbahn opening
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Colourful summer programm 2023
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May & June programme 2023
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Eis-Greissler locations
throughout Austria

Fancy an ice cream? In our shops you’ll not only find delicious ice cream, but also super nice shop assistants. And all over Austria. So it doesn’t matter whether you live in Vienna, Linz or Lienz.

We sell our ice cream not only in Krumbach, but also in 10 ice cream shops all over Austria. So you can visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Lindwurm and the Clock Tower in Graz while licking a delicious scoop of Styrian Kiwi ice cream. Or would you prefer a butter biscuit?

Get in!

A journey through the history of ice cream - with express train, flying theatre and ice cream varieties that no one has ever heard of before.