Farm shop

Eis-Greissler Manufactory
Königsegg 25
2851 Krumbach

Opening hours:

From production directly into the ice cream display cases.

It is well known that our ice cream is produced in the Bucklige Welt. But did you know that you can also pick up our fresh ice cream in our farm shop right next to the production facility in Krumbach? In two large ice cream display cases, a huge selection of Eis-Greissler classics such as Zotter chocolate or strawberry, as well as our most unusual varieties, are waiting for you to take home. So don’t forget your cool bag! For those who can’t wait to get home, you can of course order an ice cream to eat right away.

Our farm shop in the Bucklige Welt

More than an ice cream shop

In our farm shop you will not only find ice cream, but also many other good things: homemade jams, spices from SONNENTOR, Zotter chocolate and many other souvenirs and gift ideas from the Buckligen Welt. Because here you can find everything on the subject of country life.

Vacancies at our farm shop in Krumbach

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